Why CCS for your contact center?


Cloud Contact Services is based on the successful software of our company.  The products functions have been designed by mechanicals and consultants, who are active in the area of Contact and Collection Centers for more than 15 years.  It is trusted by major organizations which have integrated CCS in their informational systems.  Direct response to the enterprises using CCS is the No1 Priority for our company.  The technology platform in which CCS have been developed supports the customization of the service to fit the needs of each enterprise. Why CCS  

  1. Why CCS   Reliability  
  2. We publish the industry’s best uptime of 100 % so you can focus on your customers.
  3. Why CCS   Flexibility  
  4. CCS scales up or down easily as your customer service needs change.
  5. Why CCS   Affordability
  6. Only pay for what you use and easily add or subtract seats.
  7. Why CCS   Quality
  8. Confirmed services quality.  We offer high level of technical support services.
  9. Why CCS   Security
  10. We provide maximum security in your data management.



Solution Benefits and Key Differentiators


  1. The key benefits are:
  2. Why CCS    Proven system versatility covering immediate requirements as well as short terms and future goals.
  3. Why CCS    Contact Center Services (CCS) Platform provides all of the core functionality for the services including a unique environment for contact center operations.
  4. Why CCS    Ability for a future Fully Cloud Based Architecture and functionality to a national or international cloud provider.
  5. Why CCS    A range of well-structured interfaces to allow other systems (e.g CRM ) and services to effectively interact with CCS to provide the end to end service aspects required by the RFP.
  6. Why CCS    Scalability and diversity in interfaces – unlimited number of calls can be handled.
  7. Why CCS    Interconnection with external databases, CRM software for data entry and retrieval.
  8. Why CCS    Full WEB Based reports machine used for logging the history of CCS operation, as well as real-time calls.
  9. Why CCS    Provides a complete CCS Management environment with a graphical user interface (G.U.I.) that offers immediate creation of “Information Schemes”. Includes a wide range of commands for creation even of the most demanding contact center inbound /outbound services scenarios.
  10. Why CCS    The CCS Platform is designed for system administrators and users, who don’t necessarily have any technical skills or knowledge.
  11. Why CCS    CCS platform provides advanced routing features to ensure that customers are connected to the most-qualified available agent, regardless of where the call is originated or the channel used.
  12. Why CCS    Seamless service independent of customer’s geographical location.
  13. Why CCS    Reduced operating costs by managing effectively the number of agents required between Greece and Philippines with advanced call routing features, network visibility and control, without minimum physical infrastructure and support services.
  14. Why CCS    Agents will use caller information in advance, for greater efficiency even when there will be partial integration between CCS platform and CRM.
  15. Why CCS    Our service integrates fully with your existing CRM systems.
  16. Why CCS    A fully Agile implementation method.
  17. Why CCS    Flexible contact center management since both sites will be managed as a single entity. CCS platform has embedded web-based reporting and management tools to analyze call traffic and agent performance and make real-time adjustments.
  18. Why CCS    Resilient and reliable architecture providing high availability and performance of 100% uptime.
  19. Why CCS    Fully Operational Test Environment and seamless transition to an actual Operational Environment.