Voice Recording System (VRS)

Voice Recording System (VRS)


VRS provides the ability to record and monitor high-quality conversations.

More specifically, VRS can automatically store all calls, or a predetermined percentage of calls or specific calls. It also adds to each file additional metadata related to each call (e.g., its duration, caller ID, username, etc.).

VRS allows administrators to enter rules with which they want to record calls, either on demand or on predefined schedules and rules, such as recording an incoming call from a specific phone number.

Voice Recording System 

Τhe main features of the System:

 Voice Recording System  Simultaneous recording and monitoring of communication channels.

Voice Recording System  Flexibility with existing equipment.

Voice Recording System  Widely used compression and playback algorithms.

Voice Recording System  Multi-level management capability.

Voice Recording System  Multiple storage capabilities (back-up, archiving).

Voice Recording System  Ability to install systems in parallel to ensure availability with the ability to quickly synchronize information.

Voice Recording System  Graphical audio file management environment based on date, time, caller ID, agent ID, and special metadata data.

VRS provides to the administrator the information he wants, in a structured format, via the use of:

Voice Recording System  Web search interface of stored recordings, which is formed according to existing needs and preferences.

Voice Recording System  Web environment of live monitoring the recorded channels, and administration of agents and supervisors.

Voice Recording System  Ability to conference, in other words monitoring the lines by supervisors who are in the position to listen to the conversation between agent and the client in real time. Each supervisor may intervene during the conversation, as well.

Audio conversations are recorded in two ways: compressed or uncompressed. Their obvious difference is the final capacity they occupy in the storage area (without losing their phone quality) and the way they play (playback).

Searching for audio files is done through a corresponding Web Interface. You can search for recordings by criteria such as: Dialing Date, Caller Phone, and other metadata associated with the sound.

Companies that aim to provide customer service of high quality, recognize the benefits of calls’ recording. Besides, it is one of the best methods used for staff training, resolution of disputions, and compliance with requirements, as well.

Voice Recording System

Τhe advantages of VRS

Voice Recording System  Installation in call centers regardless of type & equipment.

Voice Recording System  Maintenance and technical support from Opencomm.

Voice Recording System  Quality assurance of conversations.

Voice Recording System  Handy & Configurable Graphical Environment.

Voice Recording System  Easy and direct search of items.