User Friendly

WebTalk offers a single and easy page for login. All Agents or Supervisors can easily login through this page.

Click the “Login” tab at the top left of the home screen and we enter Agent ID and password.  These fields are mandatory for our introduction to the platform.

To connect to the dialer, tick the box next to the phone and click on the “Login” icon and click the “Login with dialer” tab.

All agents and supervisors can easily search for data that is registered on the platform (for example, clients, campaigns, phone numbers, pending client calls etc.).

Clicking on the field “campaign” shows all the campaigns we have the right to view and choose which we want.

In fields ” Fields ” we can search for items from the list of clients we have uploaded to the particular campaign we chose.

In the “Other fields” field, we add items that we can look for for a customer tab. These data can be: address, ID number, date of birth, identity number, e-mail account, etc.

In the “Reminder Recalls” field, each agent can see the recalls he has set to call himself for the selected campaign. And each Supervisor can see all of the Group Agents recalls that they have been called to call themselves for that particular campaign. So it can check the status of the recalls and assign them to another agent if they think it necessary.

WebTalk offers a easy insert of a new customer.

We enter customer details that are not in the list we have uploaded.  We choose whether the contact we want to register is “individual” or “Corporate”.

We click “create” to create the contact or click “create & open” to create it and open it immediately.

Using the“supervisor” icon, the supervisors can easily create campaigns, add and remove user access rights, create Groups & Users and generally control the flow of everything.

Supervisors can easily and quickly add new users.

“Agent”: we mean the operator who serves calls, speaks and records his contact with the customer in the system.

In order to create users who have the right to enter the platform, select the “supervisor” option from the options bar and then select ”users”

We choose “add new user”. After completing all the necessary fields (marked with an asterisk) and clicking “save and close”, we have created our user.

All supervisors can easily create a new campaign.  The supervisor has the ability to design campaigns using various features easily, fast and without the need of technical expertise.

“Campaign”: we mean the effort to communicate to a specific contact group specific products / services (e.g., product promotion campaign, ordering campaign, polling campaign, etc.)

Click on the menu ”Supervisor” and select ”campaigns” on the screen that appears.

We click “Create Campaign” and complete in the desired campaign name (up to 12 digits.  We select the type of campaign (inbound or outbound calls).

After pressing tab”create” and our campaign has been created.

With the Process Management option, we can define the flow of the fields to be displayed on the user’s screen to register his / her communication with the client based on the campaign scenario.

In the Process category, click on the ” Supervisor ” & ” Process ”.

On the screen that appears, we select which campaign we want to edit. Automatically, in the “Call Result Process” field, we display all the call results we have entered at the start of the campaign as a ‘process’ process.

The Users can add the call result.

We click on “Add new Call Result” and we complete the name of the call results.  We select the call result type.

Webtalk offers the possibility of recalling a customer at a later time.

Webtalk has a unique personal “calendar” for the personal recalls that need to be done by the agent.  Also it has an alerting mechanism for not missing a single Follow Up Call.

We select the campaign we want from the ” campaign ” field and after we select the result of the call that we want the node”recall reason ”.

Ιn the “recall reasons” table we can list possible redial options (in the “new value” field) and save them by clicking on the tab “add”. This gives the user the ability to select the reason of the callback in a drop down menu. In order for this drop down menu to be visible in the node when we run the campaign, we must have the ‘Enable recall reasons’ field selected.

Ιn the field (Value in list), we can see the reasons for the callback and if we want to remove someone, we can click on the tab “delete this value”.

We select the appointment, when we want our communication to end to an appointment with the customer.

Click on ” Supervisor ” and then the node ” Appointment ”.  We select the desired campaign and then the call result we want to make an appointment.  If we want, we can fill in the Node title in the table “Node Titles”.

In the field “Appointment Configuration”, we can guide the user to close the appointments according to the time they want, as well as the maximum number of appointments they will arrange. We can also set the length of an appointment, can still be able to send emails, or the ability to show closed days and hours. Finally, we can save our changes by clicking “Save and Close”.

Reports are a necessary and a useful tool.

Reporting is one of the main sections of the system, as through reports we can manage all the information and data entered in the system.

Webtalk includes a complete Pivot Reporting System which allows each user to create reports within minutes, sort, pivot and use filters to format the reports while still logged in the application, no need of exporting to excel in order to see specific data each time.

We select ‘Reports” from the toolbar and click the “Pivot reports” tab.

There is the ability to Save Reports.  This feature makes it easy for us and we do not waste time creating a new report.

We format the report we want, we select the “Save Report”.  We choose the name of the report and the category in which we will save it  and we select “Save As”.