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Nowadays CRM is one of the most popular areas of modernization in a business. In today’s competitive business environment, it is necessary for organizations to collaborate effectively with their customers in order to win their loyalty and trust.

The effective CRM can be defined as the key for business success, while it is a business philosophy which places the customer in the heart of the organization’s culture, processes and actions.

A CRM system offers advantages and opportunities for a company. Some of the key benefits of integrating a commercial CRM platform into business culture are security. Private systems are still considered less vulnerable to security issues due to their closed code, unlike Opensource most vulnerable to security breaches.

Also, an advantage is the single vision for the product. Sometimes proprietary software built with a single product vision in mind can specifically address industry-related requirements which comes in handy for niche businesses. If product’s flexibility, scalability and customization capacity are not mission-critical for the company, and out-of-the-box functionality is enough, proprietary CRMs may bring you a better user experience. A commercial platform CRM is flexible, can be continuously improved by including new features based on customer requirements and in order to better serve it.

Once in an awhile small businesses may opt for the “full scale” offerings provided by proprietary vendors, in the first place due to the fact that it enables a faster start, even though the costs may sometimes be higher. To go up and running quickly is most often critical for start-up companies, as they don’t have to plan for scalability yet, but rather need an out-of-the-box solution that would cover their basic needs for the moment.

The commercial platform CRM allows businesses to better manage their customers by establishing reliable methods and processes for customer interaction. The commercial platform CRM allows immediate response to any customer request, direct online customer contact, customer service centers and immediate solution to its problems.

OpenSource Platform offer limited support options. Unlike the proprietary product users, when facing problems, the OpenSource CRM consumers are usually unable to contact a 24/7 customer support center. Using a commercial platform CRM, troubleshooting capabilities are improved by providing guidance and procedures for resolving technical support issues.

OpenSource CRMs are typically designed to provide businesses with the most essential functions needed to get started. OpenSource CRM has a limited image if it is designed to accommodate many businesses, unlike the CRM commercial platform that suits the needs of the business.

We come up with a full stack solution, offering the whole portfolio of related business apps. Our platform CRM is the most flexible and customizable CRM platform and delivers unmatched flexibility across every aspect of your CRM deployment.

Choosing a specialized CRM program is a critical success factor and should be determined by the strategy that each business follows. With our platform CRM, seamless customer service, optimal operation of internal processes and optimal efficiency of business operations are achieved.