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Focused on bringing robust, reliable and powerful solutions adapted to the requirements of any corporation.

Thanks to the combination of mastering new technologies and Open Source, Cloud Contact Services  assists in obtaining a functional and reliable solution more quickly and more efficiently.

Some of the country’s  most innovative enterprises rely on our expertise to maximize their productivity and automate its procedures. We work closely with medium and large sized organizations to understand how they can use our technologies to become more efficient and successful.

Unlike proprietary VoIP solutions currently available, our systems give  businesses control over when and how to deploy VoIP technologies removing  the barriers that have prevented rapid and pervasive deployment of enterprise VoIP, but also delivering freedom from vendor technology lock-ins. Enterprises benefit from more flexibility in terms of integration and lower total cost of ownership.


Our solutions provide outstanding benefits to organizations:

Solutions For   Reducing software-licensing costs. 

Solutions For   Cutting system downtime.

Solutions For   Lowering hardware expenditure.

Solutions For   Reducing administration, engineering and support costs.

Solutions For