Predictive Dialing System (PDS)

Predictive Dialing System (PDS)


Predictive Dialing System



The PDS is a complete Contact Center Platform, oriented to face the current communication and information management challenges, which provides a series of modules, capable of offering to your business the flexibility and dynamic that you always desired.

The Dialer service is responsible for creating outbound calls.

Predictive Dialing System  Preview Dialing:  Τhe operator can select the geographical number of the final customer, with whom he would like to communicate through the application, and create an outgoing call. If tip B responds, a service scenario will be automatically activated, while all contact information and historical customer data are getting displayed.

Predictive Dialing System  Power Dialing : Depending on the number of users, the system generates similar calls, and as soon as the tip B responds, they are routed to the workstation, in order to be served. By the time an outbound call is responded, a service scenario is activated at the agent’s workstation, and customer’s data are displayed, as well.

Predictive Dialing System  Predictive Dialing : Depending on the number of users, more outbound calls are generated, and only those that are answered are sent to the available agents.

Predictive Dialing System  Automatic Dialing: Without the presence of telephone operators, the system can produce calls, and when they are answered, voice message recording information is reproduced.

Predictive Dialing System  Setting calling rules (Resubmit Rules)

 Predictive Dialing System

Some features of the system are indicatively reported:

Predictive Dialing System  Calls that are automatically generated, by Power and Predictive Dialing, do not interconnect calls from telephone numbers that either do not apply, or are disabled by the telecommunication provider. In this way, agent’s productive time is not consumed, and telecommunication circuits are saved.

Predictive Dialing System  The operator of each project has the ability to “penetrate into” the telephone conversation without being noticed by the participants, “rate” the way of communication, and thereby increase the quality of service.

Predictive Dialing System  Ability to obtain information via messages (alerts) on the progress of outgoing traffic, per time period set by the manager of each project. The messages are sent in the following ways: Network Notification, Email Notification, S.M.S. Mobile Notification.

Predictive Dialing System  The simultaneous operation and use of two or more projects (campaigns) of different types (inbound or outbound) are feasible by stating priorities per call. More specifically, a group of agents is able to perform and participate in two projects, one incoming and one outgoing, according to the priority is stated to correspond to different types of calls. In this case, automatic priority is given to an inbound call, unless it is differently stated.

Predictive Dialing System  There is the possibility of activating an end call scenario (pop-down script) in case the call result needs to be registered, during call’s termination (hang-up call).


 Predictive Dialing System

The PDS Platform offers:

Predictive Dialing System  Ease of manage.  Through simple procedures, each project manager can set the variables required for the smooth conduct of the project, without any special technical knowledge and experience. He can adjust times and system variables, and by a simple «click» to the management console, change, the flow and course of the project in real time, as well.

Predictive Dialing System  Integration with PBX or directly with providers.  The PDS Platform can provide its capacities, either associated with an existing PBX equipment and phones, or autonomous, directly connected to the customer’s telecommunications provider.

Predictive Dialing System  Interconnection with “third party applications” platforms CRM, IVR & TTS.  For the completion of PDS Platform to the final customer, we offer a variety of systems and applications, covering the 100% of actual communication needs.