Human resources and technology infrastructures are the two pillars where successful development and operation of a modern call center is based on.

Quality, quantity, characteristics and capabilities of human resources provide a catalytic effect on the call center configuration. Finding skilled human resources is a key factor in competitiveness. Moreover, demanding market seeks quality services provided by specialized agents.

Evaluating agent’s performance is a quality measure of the services offered by a call / contact center. This evaluation is based on quantitative and qualitative criteria. Quantitative performance is performed through an electronic monitoring system, which records down detailed data such as number and duration of calls, waiting time, etc.

Cloud Contact Services (CCS) platform features a state-of-the-art KPI module to measure agent’s efficiency levels.

Key performance Indicators (KPIs) are important metrics used to track performance based on business goals. A single KPI measures the improvement or deterioration of the performance of an activity that plays an important role for the successful operation of a call center. All available KPIs give us a complete dashboard. For example, in a call center, the timely response to customer calls is an important business activity. A KPI can be the average response time to customer calls less than a minute. Performance metrics are useful to reduce waste and inefficiency in operating activities.

In CCS, performance indices are automatically calculated while agents are dealing with customers. These metrics are automatically imprinted on a dashboard. The supervisor can monitor this performance in real time through dashboards or reports.  Agents are able to see at all times their performance (call results based KPIs, goals, talk time, pause time, etc).  Performing a simple mouse over action, a graphical display of the requested information appears auto-refreshed every second.  On the dashboard report screen, we see data related to the work and productivity of each agent, based on the fields we have chosen to evaluate.

Knowledge is power and when you provide agents with the right information, their motivation and performance will improve as a result.  In addition, seeing other agents’ scores can motivate staff through providing positive reinforcement for those doing well, and it can motivate those who need to increase their ranking.

The development of these indicators is essential for the strategic plan of a call center that aims to succeed.

Using Cloud Contact Services platform your call center is able to work efficiently, offering best customer satisfaction.