Listen the customer

Listen the customer


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Mission is to deliver advanced, innovative products/services using leading VoIP technology and trusted solutions to provide our clients with a rapid return on their investment.


Voice Recorder System (VRS)


High quality recording and monitoring of carried out conversations.

Listen the customer

VRS enables its administrators to introduce rules, according to which they would like to record calls, either on demand, or on the basis of predefined schedule and rules, such as inbound call recording from specific telephone number.

VRS can automatically store all calls that are performed, a certain percentage of them, or even specific calls. Moreover, it adds «meta-data» to every file, which are related to the time each call took place, for example: its duration, the calling number, the agent’s code that served the call, and many more.


Τhe basic characteristics of the system:

Listen the customer  Flexibility with existing equipment.

Listen the customer  Widespread compression and reproduction algorithms.

Listen the customer  Ability of multi-level management.

Listen the customer  Multiple capabilities of storing audio files (back-up, archiving).

Listen the customer  Capability of simultaneous installment of systems, to ensure the availability in combination with the rapid synchronization of the information.

Listen the customer  Graphical management interface of audio files based on date, time, caller ID, agent ID, and specific metadata elements.


VRS provides to the administrator the information he wants, in a structured format, via the use of:

Listen the customer  Web search interface of stored recordings, which is formed according to existing needs and preferences.

Listen the customer  Web environment of live monitoring the recorded channels, and administration of agents and supervisors.

Listen the customer  Ability to conference, in other words monitoring the lines by supervisors who are in the position to listen to the conversation between agent and the client in real time. Each supervisor may intervene during the conversation, as well.


The advantages of VRS:

Listen the customer  Installation of Call Centers of all types and regardless of the existing equipment.Listen the customer

Listen the customer  Maintenance and technical support offered. 

Listen the customer  Assurance of conversations’ quality.

Listen the customer  Customizable & Easy to use graphical interface.

Listen the customer  Easy and immediate search of data.