iPBX is the technological solution in telephony matters.


iPBX Platform operates as a Call Center, and is available in 3 versions:

iPBX  Small & Medium Edition   

iPBX  Enterprise Edition 

iPBX  Call Center Edition


iPBX uses VoIP Communication Protocols, which offer high quality of voice conversation in real time, without significant cost.   


Advantages of iPBX:

iPBX  Ability to use the existing equipment, central administrators. 

iPBX  Implementation of an open architecture, independent from the communication protocols used by the

iPBX  Release from the traditional model of customer – supplier, and introduction of Open Source philosophy.

iPBX  Ability to install products that are complemented by technical support of thousands of partners worldwide.

iPBX  Cost reduction in case of upgrading or expanding the system.

iPBX  Absolute system’s control by the final operator, as it allows him to take the control of his telephone system.

iPBX  Direct expansion and development of the regional systems, by the use of configuration tools, and parameterization of the system, in real time

iPBX  Upgrade ability of the system, which will provide updated options to the user.




Operations of iPBX.

Τhe iPBX supports a wide range of functions that can be configured according to the needs of each user.

Some examples are indicatively mentioned:

iPBX  System of direct dialing (internal telephone – internal device)

iPBX  System of direct dialing (internal telephone – internal emergency telephones)

iPBX  Identification of incoming call

iPBX  Direction of calls to groups of agents, available and capable of serving specific categories of calls.

iPBX  Ability to record calls.

iPBX  Detailed recording data of every individual’s call (time, duration, Caller ID, service waiting time, agent’s position, category/ subcategory of call)

iPBX  Ability of configurating and programming devices’ numbering, and routing of calls

iPBX  Planning for restriction of inbound & outbound calls

iPBX  Call Centers connectivity with computer systems


The iPBX Platform is combined with various applications, in order to achieve the establishment of a Call Center, adjusted to the needs of every user.  The iPBX is addressed to companies of all sizes.