Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)


Interactive Voice Response

IVR is the inbound/outbound calls management system, which recognizes commands via keystrokes or voice (DTMF digits), serves these calls, and offers automated routing, as well.

The inbound/outbound calls management runs through the user’s browsing in a menu of options. The menu is dynamic and is created by the use of a wide range of available “commands”, which IVR System offers.     

Basic characteristics – functions:

Interactive Voice Response  Creation of an IVR scenario

The composition of an «IVR scenario», such as: “Thank you for calling us, for the customer service department press 1, for the technical support department press 2…..” is achieved through the right choice of “commands” , which are placed in a functional graphical interface.

Interactive Voice Response   Configuration and use of recordings of «IVR scripts».

IVR System provides the ability of supporting various types of sound files.

Interactive Voice Response  Creation and export of reports, through the WEB Interface of the system.

The operator of the IVR System is able to have an accurate picture of the calls’ volume that is managed by IVR Platform. The IVR System provides reports which include information such as: the duration and number of calls, a detailed picture of options at call’s level.

IVR System reports are: Analytical Traffic Report, Summary Traffic Report, Analytical Report of options, Summary Report of options.

Interactive Voice Response IVR System’s integration with ASR &TTS

IVR Platform supports “ASR”(Automatic Speech Recognition): Provides the ability to recognize and convert spoken word to text. & “TTS” technologies (Text to Speech): Provides the ability to convert text, or other symbols in speech signal.

Interactive Voice Response 


IVR System’s advantages:

Interactive Voice Response  Lower cost of supply in comparison with the competition.

Interactive Voice Response  Installation in Call Centers, regardless of equipment that already exists.

Interactive Voice Response  Management of high volume of concurrent calls.

Interactive Voice Response  Improvement of service quality (Minimizing the service waiting time-Prioritization of calls).

Interactive Voice Response  Increase of staff productivity- Calls are routed to specialized agents.

Interactive Voice Response  Simplified configuration – no programming knowledge is required.

Interactive Voice Response  The operator has clear view of the system’s traffic, due to the provision of appropriate reports.

Interactive Voice Response  Ability to raise data in real time from external relational databases (Sql, Oracle, and others).