The technology that makes use of call centers is constantly evolving, enabling call center staff to serve customers more efficiently and effectively. Dialing technology has come a long way from the days of manual dials from endless lists. “Predictive dialing is an essential tool in environments such as sales and collections.

A dialer is an intelligent outbound call processing and managing system.

The biggest advantage is that it employs efficient algorithms to predict how long an agent will be on a call and when exactly it should make the next call. It never waits for one particular agent to be available. A dialer will make sure that an agent is on the phone at the right time. It will pass the call to an agent only after a customer answers it. It is programmed in such a way that it will be able to find an agent as soon as a customer answers the call. Predictive dialing saves your agents up to 33 minutes every hour by eliminating the need to listen to unanswered calls, busy signals, disconnections, or automated answering and fax machines.

Calls are not wasted. For a call center, a wasted call means wasted time.

Another distinguishing feature of dialers is that they dial multiple numbers at the same time. The main objective of using auto-dialers like predictive dialers is to maximize agents’ time by decreasing their idle time between calls. An intelligent dialer is necessary for your business as it can help improve employee productivity and better customer service An intelligent call system, smart and efficient agents and welcome customers will lead to increased sales. Revenues will increase with effective call rates and low call abandoned rates.

A call center dialer is one of the best tools to have when you make a lot of outbound calls. It is not just a dialer for call centers. It can potentially improve the productivity of your agent or salesperson. If you’re a start-up with only a handful of employees or a big operation, you can benefit from using a call center dialer.

The key is to choose the best dialer for your needs. Our Predictive Dialing System is the best solution for your business needs. We guarantee a very high return on your investment as you would see better customer retention. We are offering dialer that is based on latest technology.

Dialer can be adjusted on a per project basis, tears down out-pulsed calls at the last millisecond for lower call abandonment rates and stricter service level compliance. Flexible Architecture, concurrent dialing campaigns can be operated in Predictive, Power, Preview, Manual, or Unattended dialer modes. “Power mode” is available, Dialer makes a specific number of calls as the supervisor has set it up. Dialer has the ability not to call a phone if it is set to a DNC (Do Not Call List) list. ‘Do Not Call List’ applied to individual or multiple outbound campaigns. There are two ways of trying to communicate with customers i) Per phone: Dialer tries to find the customer by phone and ii) Per Contact: Dialer tries to find the customer circularly in the contacts.

It’s an intelligent dialer software system that is used by large-scale call centers and sales organizations. The future of dialer seems to be promising.