Inbound Call Routing

Inbound Call Routing


Inbound Calls:

Inbound Call Routing  Clever ACD and Skill Based Routing

Inbound Call Routing  Multiple projects– campaigns

Inbound Call Routing  Priorities and Overflows

Inbound Call Routing  Multiple routing strategies


 Inbound Call Routing

Our system can receive a large number of inbound calls and keep records for each one of them, collect statistics for all inbound calls.  Also, it can inform the customers on hold in real time about the average waiting time and their position at the queue.


Cloud Contact Service platform is a comprehensive blended outbound – inbound contact center management solution .

Inbound Call Routing


Inbound Call Routing  Increased productivity and efficiency

Inbound Call Routing  Offers functions, focused on the best quality of client service

Inbound Call Routing  Agents do not have lengthy delays to retrieve relevant data.


More first call resolution, more leads and successful interactions, every day accomplished quickly and efficiently.