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In this context a Cloud based Collection Center was implemented with modern telecommunications systems and software systems for the management of telephone communication projects, incoming and outgoing calls. There were a lot of important benefits for the company from this project: “Because of the modern algorithm, the productivity and efficiency of our call center has increased, and we also have the ability to choose the appropriate architecture (Predictive, Power, Preview) that is consistent with the campaign we want to work on. In addition, due to the cloud platform, we did not need to invest in servers and call centers, saving us from future maintenance, “said Kostas Goudelas, IT Manager of the Law Firm at NetFAX.

The cloud dialer system also allows agents to work remotely as long as they have an Internet connection. At the same time, supervisors have the ability to remotely watch the progress of the calls and to intervene when it is necessary. Through a multitude of Real Time reports, it monitors the progress of each campaign which is registered to the dialer, the performance of each agent, the volume and the status of the calls (conversation, waiting, etc.) and generally any other information related to the calls in real time. In addition there are prepared reports for tracking historical transactions.

Through the smart features of this dialer, the missed call rates have been reduced. At the same time, the likelihood of finding contacts that need to be contacted has increased. The completion of the project was successful in a very short time. “The main focus of the IT Department is to research and look at modern solutions and to find new innovative ideas to make the company stand out in its industry. We are continuing to look at new cloud technologies at this time, “says G. Goudelas.

Netweek Online( 16 June 2017)