Engage Customer & Maximize Sales

Engage Customer & Maximize Sales


Using our knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new services and technology trends and develop solutions to help our customers / partners:

Engage Customer & Maximize Sales  Improve their communication efficiency.

Engage Customer & Maximize Sales  Improve their operational performance.

Engage Customer & Maximize Sales  Create services to deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently.

Engage Customer & Maximize Sales Converge their data and telephony solutions to IP based platforms.

Our robust, communication solutions allow companies to acquire, care for, grow and retain customers by enabling flexible, high quality customer contact at a price-point that is far superior to traditional solutions. We help businesses build next-generation communications platforms designing, building, deploying and managing their VoIP and Cloud infrastructure and customized applications.

The Possibilities are endless; by investing in smart technology you can automate a business process, increase customer service.


Predictive Dialer System (PDS)          

Communication plays an increasingly important role in relationships for today’s business world. Our effective way of communication with customers, colleagues and suppliers, may ultimately define our commercial success.                                                      Engage Customer & Maximize Sales

The PDS is a complete Contact Center Platform, oriented to face the current communication and information management challenges, which provides a series of modules, capable of offering to your business the flexibility and dynamic that you always desired.

Great and crowded Contact Centers, banking and insurance groups in Greece and abroad, have invested in the PDS Platform (PDS), in order to complete their communication needs.

It is a solution designed to open architecture structures, able to cooperate with the existing infrastructure of your business. In a very short time after activation of the Platform, you will realize immediate productivity gains and new features that you have never believed you could incorporate into your daily production.

Compatibility with traditional type or VoIP Call Centers, without additional costs of interconnection applications (CSTA / TSAPI / TAPI), makes PDS Platform, the ultimate communication tool, keeping the cost at low levels.

The PDS can be used as a quick and convenient way to automate all kinds of calls that otherwise would be made «by hand» from agents, such as reception calls for new customers ,customer service redials, confirmations, automation of specific calls.

The company that uses the PDS dialer can definitely succeed in filtering out non productive calls, and occupy the agents much more productively. This way, agents can spend on average, approximately the 80% of their time, talking to customers, and only about 20% of their time waiting for the next call, something that leads to a 300% increase in productivity.


Key Features

• Configurable algorithm – dialers can be adjusted on a per project basis.

• SmartCancel: tears down out-pulsed calls at the last millisecond for lower call abandonment rates and stricter service level compliance.

• Fractional Agent Quotient: the dialer only uses statistics relevant to each outbound project for inclusion in the sampling set and algorithmic calculation.

• Flexible Architecture: concurrent dialing campaigns can be operated in Predictive, Power, Preview, Manual, or Unattended dialer modes.

• Documentation facility – database recording for reporting and analysis.

• Configurable area codes – begins and ends calling based on the time of day.

• ‘Do Not Call List’ – applied to individual or multiple outbound campaigns.



• Accurate call monitoring – Lower abandonment rates, more prepared available resources and stricter service level agreement compliance.

• Increased efficiency – Accurate algorithm calculation and fast adjustment.

• Productive contacts – Multiple dialing modes applicable in different scenarios, such as B2B and highly targeted campaigns- IP enabled predictive dialing capabilities.

• Increased list penetration – Option to play a recorded message when an answering machine is detected.

• Reduced idle time – Significant reduction of unproductive agent time.


The PDS Platform offers:

Engage Customer & Maximize Sales Ease of manage.

Integration with PBX or directly with providers.

Interconnection with “third party applications” platforms CRM, IVR & TTS.