Industry & Utilities

Industry & Utilities


The industrial sector and heavy industry are particularly sensitive sectors, confronted on a daily basis with questions of health and safety, whereas the automobile industry is faced with considerable profitability and mobility challenges.

Industry & Utilities CCS  is able to meet these different needs through its wide range of communication systems and applications.

By providing convenient and easy-to-use methods, your company can remain an industry leader. CCS has the solutions you need to give yours customers what they need. Supporting customers never been so simple.

CCS  provides high quality innovative services to customers rely on utility companies.

Your customers expect communication that’s as reliable, immediate and efficient as their utilities, and you are challenged to deliver outstanding service with constrained resources.



Industry & Utilities

You need solutions that engage customers and empower them to self-serve with speed, ease and accuracy.

Cloud-based solutions ensure, with relentless reliability, that your company’s investment will securely support emerging communication technologies, massive data storage volumes, grid infrastructure changes, business growth and modern customer choices.