Customer Experience

Customer Experience


Customer experience matters to your company and your contact center plays an important role. We’ll help you modernize the customer experience today and provide the guidance you need to keep up tomorrow.  Our Cloud Contact Services solution can help your company improve customer satisfaction.

Cloud Contact Services is a comprehensive blended outbound- inbound call center management solution.

Our unified solution includes the key software technologies that collection and call centers need most including: Entity CRM, Predictive Dialing and other dialer modes, Inbound contact management and ACD, Self Service IVR software,  CTI for intelligent screen pops, Digital Recording,  Multi-channel contact including email, Web and Fax, and VoIP Support.

As a result it delivers:

Customer Experience   More productivity and efficiency

Customer Experience   Enhanced professionalism for your CSR interactions

Customer Experience   Better management and controls


Cloud Contact Services provides the tools that enable better collection and call center management, better data management and better interaction with customers.

Using our solutions:

Customer Experience  Prospects and customers receive consistent, professional messages and data from your agents.

Customer Experience  Business teams are always armed with relevant project and campaign information reflecting real-time project status and trends.


The result: More first call resolution, more leads and successful interactions, every day… accomplished quickly and efficiently.


Customer Experience  Inbound Calls Routing

For each calling number there is at least one set of routing rules programmed on iPBX. In that way the destination of each inbound call depends on the routing rule for that number. There are two basic call/routing categories:

Direct Inbound Calls: Calls that end directly to one or more extensions

Non Direct Inbound Calls: Calls that do not end directly to one or more extensions, but are directed to IVRs, Announcements or Queues.




Outbound Calls Routing        Customer Experience

CCS Platform can route the outbound calls either through the PRI or a SIP trunk. The trunk through which a call will be routed is selected either manually or automatically. If users want to choose the trunk manually for each call, they have to dial a prefix e.g  “9” for PRI routing and “99” for SIP trunk routing.

The automatic mode for outbound calls routing will give the ability to automatically manage its telecom resources.