CRM Reports

CRM Reports


CRM Reports


Reporting capabilities include


Project and workforce reports :

These reports present information-packed graphs and columnar data in colorful, easy-to-read format, for any time period you want, automatically updated with the latest data.  View data on the following criteria:

CRM Reports  Activity History by Agent

CRM Reports  Activity History by Queue

CRM Reports  Agent Performance Trends

CRM Reports  Call Volume by Time of Day

CRM Reports  Call Logs

CRM Reports  Talk, Wait, Ready Times

CRM Reports  Call Outcome Activity

CRM Reports  Service Level Activity

CRM Reports  List Progress Activity

CRM Reports  Outbound Dialing Activity

CRM Reports  Hourly Productivity

CRM Reports  Summary Productivity


Complete transactional reports:

CRM Reports  It captures and provides a complete history of each and every contact transaction.


 CRM Reports

Advanced customized reports:

CRM Reports  Advanced Reporting application allows managers to create customized reports from projects, schedule these reports to be run at a specific time or interval, or even email the report as scheduled.


Managers or contact center clients can view information with a click of the mouse, reducing costly production and collating times.