Collection CRM

Collection CRM


The Collection CRM is the complete system for the overdue receivables portfolio management.

Collection CRM  Addresses to receivables management companies, to law firms who target to notify debtors for the repayment of their financial commitments. It is the system which manages, automates and controls all the necessary procedures, from the notification of each debtor to the potential legal actions that will have to follow against them, taking always under consideration the debtors personal profile (products, debts, etc)

Collection CRM  Supports early & late Collections as well as the total of the current legal actions.

Collection CRM  Manages the total of the overdue receivables portfolio from the 1st day of payment overdue, to the legal action that will potentially follow.


Collection CRM

The Collection CRM offers:

Collection CRM  Automation of all Collection procedures.

Collection CRM  Flexible and parametric grouping of cases, using criteria (queries).

Collection CRM  Agents’ productivity maximization.

Collection CRM  Maintaining historical data per case.

Collection CRM  Collectability Monitoring.

Collection CRM  Ability of interface with an SMS platform


One of the platforms abilities is the interconnection with the PDS (Predictive Dialer System). This ability increases the efficiency and productivity of the carry out of a large number of calls in a short period.


Our goal is the best possible performance of the application offers high standard maintenance and technical support services.

Collection CRM  Compatibility with new versions of the application software

Collection CRM  Malefactions correction warranty – Correction using application patches.

Collection CRM  Suggestions for new functions are either implemented with customization or are included in new versions.

Collection CRM  Support via telephone.

Collection CRM  Unique support portal to enter potential problems and follow their solution.

Collection CRM  Onsite support.


By exploiting the advantages of the Collection CRM, applications, the following are achieved:

Collection CRM  Collections increase.

Collection CRM  Customer management indicator improvement.

Collection CRM  Total overdue amount Reduce.

Collection CRM  Customer Service improvement.

Collection CRM  Reduce of the cost for collection of overdue receivables.

Collection CRM  Reduce of company’s operational costs

Collection CRM  Legal actions and notification functions in one single platform