Call Center CRM

Call Center CRM


Call Center CRM provides the ability of creating and managing multiple incoming/outgoing projects (campaigns) of various types, such as: questionnaire, ordering, customer service, contact registration R/V campaigns, and others.

It is used by two categories of operators, the agents and the supervisors.

Supervisors are those who have the right to configure and manage each campaign and control the agents as well.

Agents have access to specific data concerning the total customers’ view, in every campaign.

 Call Center CRM

Call Center CRM offers to operators the following:

Call Center CRM  Ability to operate in both inbound and outbound campaigns.

Call Center CRM  Visibility of contact scenarios during communication.

Call Center CRM  Visibility of complete customers’ contact history.

Call Center CRM  Complete real time and historical reporting system for the progress of every campaign.

Call Center CRM  Complete reporting system for the operators’ productivity.

Call Center CRM  Ability to create Custom reports.


An additional capability is the interconnection with PDS (Predictive Dialer System). This option makes the performance of a large number of telephone calls in a short time, more efficient and productive.

Call Center CRM

Call Center CRM

Call Center CRM  Offers operations, focused on the best quality of client service.

Call Center CRM  Enables constant monitoring of performance of each campaign, and the corresponding operators. (Factor for making the right decisions)

Call Center CRM  Contributes to agents’ productivity enhancement.

Call Center CRM

Call Center CRM  It does not require time-consuming training of agents and supervisors, due to its easy control.

Call Center CRM  It contributes to profits increase–No time is wasted in unnecessary procedures.

Call Center CRM  It is an investment, as its features greatly exceed the cost of supply.

CCS platform provides the tools that enable better contact center management, better data management and better interaction with customers.